The GLE450 midsize SUV lends a touch of class and a smooth ride to any occasion with its refined aerodynamics and 48-volt hybrid electrical system. A luxury car rental of this calibre warrants some personal pampering, like shopping and fine dining. Treat yourself!

Within the recent updates to Mercedes-Benz’s core lineup, the freshening of the 2020 GLE-class is a big deal.  Introduced as the M-class in 1998 and renamed GLE in 2015, the mid-size SUV has long been a key part of the Mercedes range.  It comes equipped with a turbocharged hybrid engine that will give you power and exceptional gas mileage!

$249 per Day

$1499 per Week

$3499 per Month


362 hp / 369 lb-ft


0-100 km/h :  sec


MSRP: $104,000