Why rent from Vanguard?

we are not just a rental service

Here at Vanguard luxury cars, we are not just a rental service. We are a brand that prides ourselves around the concept of providing only the absolute best service to our customers.

Montreal is a city where artists, athletes, businessmen and movie stars need to shine.To help you achieve your business goals or just cruise around the city, we offer a variety of luxury vehicles that fit every style and mood. Whether it be a gala you need to attend to, an important business meeting or a special wedding you need to get to, we got you covered!

We also offer concierge services catering to your shopping, dining, bachelor partying and nightlife needs.

In short, Vanguard is a unique one stop shop for a decadent and luxurious lifestyle in Montreal!  Simply prebook any of our services and enjoy your day(s)!