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Ferrari 458 Italia   From 1299$ / day

Ferrari Italia 458  From 1299$ / day

All the power of a Formula 1 car, the look of the most aggressive
It is not surprising that the Ferrari team holds the highest number of world records in Formula 1 racing—the brand has consistently produced successive sports cars of increasing power and sophistication.

Ferrari’s very first road car was the 166 MM, launched on the market in 1948. Since those early days, the Italian brand has been constantly reinventing itself in order to offer ever-more power to fans of blazing speeds.

According to its founder, Enzo Ferrari, its supercars are the very embodiment of a mechanics that dominate the competition and are intended for those who wish to reward themselves and make their dreams come true. By choosing to rent a Ferrari, your youth will become eternal, your passion will never run out of steam.

Why rent a Ferrari?
Or rather, why not? As soon as the snow disappears from our landscapes, the beautiful weather calls for a ride in a Ferrari. Make a splash at your bachelor party or your birthday party, impress family and friends at your wedding or turn heads at a business event. Go at breakneck speed in Quebec’s most beautiful mountains on your way to a weekend getaway at the cottage with your romantic partner or friends. Whatever the occasion: there are a thousand and one reasons to rent a Ferrari at Vanguard.

Renting by the day, week or month is a very advantageous option compared to buying. It allows lovers of super sports cars to get the most out of them, without having to worry about vehicle maintenance and winter storage, or paying hefty insurance and registration bills.

Slip into one of our prestigious exotic cars and finally experience a superior lifestyle. After all, you deserve it.

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Ferrari through the ages
Easily recognizable by its logo of a rearing horse, Ferrari focuses mainly on sports prototypes and grand touring models: think of the classic 365 from the 1970s or the very popular F430, an emblematic figure of the new millennium. In the supercar category, the 288 GTO and the F50 are particularly praiseworthy, having satisfied exhilaration fanatics from around the world.

As far as vehicle sales are concerned, Ferrari has witnessed steady growth with sales reaching a record high during the year 2019, with 10,131 units sold worldwide (compared to 6,250 in 2009, 10 years earlier).

Are you hesitating between our different exotic car models for rent?
If our Ferrari models appeal to you, you will likely to be seduced by our Lamborghini and Porsche rentals.

Ferrari Vehicles Rental

Luxury car rentals are an ideal way for car enthusiasts to live their dream of driving a legendary sports car such as Ferrari. At Vanguard Luxury Rentals, we offer an exceptional range of sports cars available to rent for a day, a weekend or even longer.

Whether you’re looking for a Ferrari for your wedding, a night out on the town, or just to indulge yourself, our fleet of top-of-the-line rental cars offers you the opportunity to enjoy an experience like no other.

Why rent a Ferrari with Vanguard Luxury Rentals?

  • Impressive performance: Ferrari’s are equipped with the most advanced technology and offer exceptional driving performance, whether for short or long journeys. With a powerful engine, precise suspension and aerodynamic design, a Ferrari is the ultimate sports car. You can enjoy high-speed driving, quick acceleration and unparalleled handling.
  • Style and Comfort: Renting a Ferrari from Vanguard Luxury Rentals is a great choice for travelers who want to get around in style and comfort. Ferraris are luxurious sports cars, offering a comfortable interior and state-of-the-art technology for an unforgettable driving experience. With a Ferrari from Vanguard Luxury Rentals, you can move with confidence and elegance.
  • The history of the brand and the experience it offers: Ferrari is a legendary brand in the automotive world, offering unparalleled performance and design. When you rent a Ferrari from Vanguard Luxury Rentals, you are guaranteed an unforgettable driving experience.

How to rent a Ferrari with Vanguard Luxury Rentals?

If you dream of renting a Ferrari for a day, weekend or week, Vanguard Luxury Rentals offers a quick and easy rental experience. With a rental system optimized for your convenience, you can select your vehicle of choice directly on our website. Once you’ve chosen the car of your dreams, simply fill out the rental form and confirm your preferences. We will then contact you shortly to confirm your choice and guide you through the necessary steps to get your luxury car.

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Do you have any questions or would you like to reserve one of our vehicles? Contact us today!


    Do you have any questions or would you like to reserve one of our vehicles? Contact us today!