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With German engineering at its best, BMW has been seducing consumers for decades with a taste for thrills, hair-raising acceleration, and electronic gadgets and technologies that are as futuristic as they are useful. So it’s no surprise that the renowned brand is outpacing the competition in terms of sales. In fact, despite the pandemic, BMW has put more than 2.5 million vehicles on the road in 2021: a record never set by the brand that makes its rivals jealous!

With its comfortable, high-performance roadsters, its sports coupes that make short work of the road and its winding detours, and its ultra-popular SUVs that the wealthy are snapping up, BMW is establishing itself as a major player in the luxury vehicle market that doesn’t fear our Siberian cold. 

A flying start

First known for its airplane engines in the early 20th century, BMW became a pioneer in aviation, notably by setting an altitude record in 1919. Then came the motorcycle, for which BMW designed the 2-cylinder Boxer engine for the R 5 model in 1936. This motorcycle is still the talk of the town because of its reliability and sturdiness as well as its foot-operated gear selector, which quickly became the industry standard. The R 5 inspired many of today’s models. 

Then came the cars, whose engines have continued to improve and surprise since 1936. With its 2L turbocharged engine, a rarity in 1973, the E20 relies on its 170 hp to reach 211 km/h. 

In its ascent to the upper echelons of performance, BMW then offered a small 1.5L engine for its Formula 1 in 1980, delivering nothing less than 1200 hp! With all that power under the throttle, drivers face a real driving challenge, without the electronic assistance that is available today.

Finally, the 10-cylinder, 507 hp engines landed in the BMW M5 (E60) in 2004, a true sports machine. Today, since the electrification of vehicles is becoming more and more important around the world, and eco-responsibility is a requirement, BMW offers various fully electric models that also offer performance that is not at all inferior to conventional engines. 

Why lease a BMW?

We should turn the question around: why not lease a BMW? Because yes, there is every reason to want to get away in one of these beautifully designed, wildly spirited and well finished cars. Those who have already taken a seat in these luxurious interiors are full of praise for the comfort offered by all the brand’s models.

Stealthy, the large sedans will cross cities at the speed of light and make you shine at social events, sumptuous receptions, gourmet dinners and casual celebrations. Graduates will also make a splash when they drive off in a high-value BMW. 

Newlyweds will head straight for the altar and of course their wedding night in a sporty and elegant SUV that offers a spacious and inviting environment. The same goes for those who want to venture into the mountains in comfort in any season, or those who simply want to get away to the country for a weekend at the cottage.  

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Vehicles Rental BMW

If you’re looking for a luxury car that combines performance, style and sophistication, then a BMW is the perfect choice. At Vanguard Luxury Rentals, we offer a superior selection. With their elegant design, advanced technology, and impressive power, our cars are the epitome of German excellence in automotive engineering.

Why rent a BMW with Vanguard Luxury Rentals?

  • Driving quality: BMWs are known for providing an incredibly enjoyable driving experience. The advanced technology used in BMWs makes for a very capable car, capable of delivering exceptional power and speed. BMWs are also very maneuverable and offer exceptional handling, making them a perfect choice for those who love to drive.
  • Customer Service: When you rent a BMW from Vanguard Luxury Rentals, you can be assured of superior customer service. The team is highly trained and will assist you with every step of the rental process, from car selection to reservation and car pickup.
  • Prestige and Style: BMWs are considered to be cars of prestige and style. Renting a BMW can add a level of sophistication to your trip or special occasion. You’ll be sure to make a lasting impression on your friends, family or colleagues.

How to rent a BMW with Vanguard Luxury Rentals?

Renting a BMW from Vanguard Luxury Rentals is a simple and easy process. First, you can browse the range of BMW models available on our website and select the model you wish to rent. Then, you can fill in the details of the rental, such as the pickup date and time, as well as the duration of the rental. After filling out the rental request form with your information, our team will contact you to confirm the rental details and provide you with the car pickup information.

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Do you have any questions or would you like to reserve one of our vehicles? Contact us today!


    Do you have any questions or would you like to reserve one of our vehicles? Contact us today!